Kapila Agnihotra Kanda


Comes in a Pack of 20 Pcs – Kapila Agnihotra Kanda from Surabhivana Gaushala are prepared from the dung of desi Indian breed of cows including the divine Kapila breed of cattle belonging to Malnadgidda. 



Kapila Agnihotra Kanda from Surabhivana Gaushala are prepared from the dung of Kapila – the divine breed of cattle belonging to Malnad-gidda. 

These cakes are extensively used in fire rituals such as yagna, havan, homa, puja, agnihotra, etc. Any fire ritual may be termed ‘incomplete’ in the absence of the auspicious Kapila Agnihotra cakes.

The Kapila Agnihotra Kandas are prepared from the fresh dung that is collected during early morning hours. The wet cakes are then laid out to dry in natural sunlight for over 48 hours. The dry cakes are then neatly packed for onward supply to users.

To purify the atmosphere of your home, and to obtain auspicious results, burn one cow-dung cake in the evening together with camphor, few neem leaves and some ghee. This will also drive away the mosquitoes. 

If conducted daily, this practice will ensure elimination of all negativity from the surroundings, and an abundance of positive energy will be inducted within your home.

Cow dung cakes can be crushed and used as manure for plants as a plant food. The burnt ash also can be used as manure but in very little quantity.

  • Made from Desi Kapila Cows.
  • Natural bio-fertilizer
  • 100% Pure, Organic & Eco-friendly.

Surabhivana Goushala is spanned over a twenty-acres’ expanse of rocky terrain, over a hillock about 25 kilometres from Mangalore, Karnataka, a land allotted in the year 2004 by the then District Collector of Mangalore. 

The Goushala is managed by a registered charitable institution – the Om Prakruthi Dhama Trust – created for the sole purpose of breeding and preserving the pure native breeds of Cattle.

Today, the rocky terrain has been nurtured into a green-land. Its upkeep and day-to-day functioning is solely dependent upon donations from patrons and well-wishers.

We also cater to any dimensions of cakes for bulk orders.


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